Voyages au bout de la nuit

2013-09-01 #theatre#video#web

Live projections for a play/performnace

In 2013, Les Sélénites, led by Pascal Francfort, put on a play based on Louis Ferdinand Céline’s Voyage au bout de la nuit.

Les Sélénites / mise en scène, adaptation, tissage: Pascal Francfort / musique originale: Marc-Etienne Besson / équipe de création: François Revaclier, Lionel Haubois, Keyne Motte, Léo Piccirelli, Stéphane Blok, Emile Schaffner, Eric Lazor, Victor Hunziker, Sacha Bron, Corentin Perret-Gentil / administration: Patricia Méan dos Santos

After a first scene in an antechamber, the spectator was led to the main stage through a tunnel evoking the trenches of the war. There, the play continued with Francfort, Francois Revaclier and contrabassist Marc-Etienne Besson, immersed in music, sound effects, and projections.

With Sacha Bron and Lionel Haubois, we developed the live stage projections as well as a companion website.


The video content and some of the audio were prepared ahead of time and controlled from the lighting booth, timed on the performance of the actors and musicians. A single computer controlled the two projectors that covered the large stage.