CS projects for Life Sciences students

2011-09-01 #biology#simulation#3D

Simulations with 3D visualizations, developed to serve as projects for C++ courses

Many 1 years ago, over three summers, I implemented prototypes that were transformed into 2nd year projects for Life Science students at EPFL, in Jamila Sam’s course Projets en Informatique pour SV.

Each project combined the simulation of a physical phenomenon with a visualization (OpenGL and wxWidgets), in C++.

The students’ experience was for most limited to a one-semester C++ course, and the goal of this class was to practice hands-on programming and software engineering on a project of non-trivial scale.

The prototypes were skilfully deconstructed by Jamila Sam into a series of steps that guided the students into designing and implementing the projects, but gave enough freedom that a lot of variance (for the better or worse) could be observed during grading.


13 at the time of updating that note.

2011: Simulation and visualization of the Electron Transport Chain


2012: Simulation of bacteria in Petri dishes, with random mutations


2013: Simulation of bee colonies, with random terrain generation

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