Technical notes about various topics, sometimes backfilled and updated.

External root disk encryption on the Raspberry Pi

2023-11-27 #hardware

Booting on an encrypted external disk with the Raspberry Pi, with keys on an external medium as a bonus

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Practical async Rust over lunch

2023-11-10 #rust#talk

Slides for an hour-long talk about async Rust.

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Lenovo X1 Extreme fingerprint reader on Arch

2023-08-09 #hardware

Setting up the Synaptics Prometheus fingerprint reader to work with sudo and i3lock

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Zola syntax highlighting with Pygments

2023-07-29 #rust

Replacing syntect with pygments as Zola’s syntax highlighter

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AMD Vega 10 on Linux in 2023

2023-07-18 #hardware

Fixing corrupted display on amdgpu

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`indicatif` progress as `log` messages

2023-06-04 #rust

Outputting indicatif progress messages as log entries

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Creating Polars dataframes from Rust objects

2023-05-28 #rust

Easy creation of dataframes using serde_arrow

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Storing Protobufs in Postgres or MongoDB

2023-05-09 #rust

Storing and querying Protobufs in a JSON-compatible database in Rust, using serde

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Blender, Eevee, Docker and NVIDIA GPUs

2023-04-03 #blender#infra

Getting Blender Eevee’s renderer working headlessly in Docker on an NVIDIA GPU

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Great software

2023-03-01 #software

A list of great open source software I use and recommend

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Voyages au bout de la nuit

2013-09-01 #theatre#video#web

Live projections for a play/performnace

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Illustrations of solids of revolution

2011-09-01 #math#latex

LuaTeX + pstricks + pst-solides-3d

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CS projects for Life Sciences students

2011-09-01 #biology#simulation#3D

Simulations with 3D visualizations, developed to serve as projects for C++ courses

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